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Our community has shown great support for my family over the last few years due to the children’s illnesses. While I was relieved that we had some help, I felt guilty accepting it. Then someone once said to me,”When someone gives to you-it’s as much of a blessing for them as it is for you. Don’t turn them down and take that blessing away from them.”

I didn’t know the true meaning of that until tonight. A friend of mine had her house broken into a few days ago. The thief stole just about everything.

Then I found out that even the children’s things were gone.  I looked around my house at the evidence of all those who helped us before. A generous community plus three children equals toys to the 10th power.

I called my friend and offered to give some of the things we had. My children were not just happy to share – they were excited. When my friend came to pick the toys and books up, the kids practically ran her over at the door.

I watched in awe as my friend smiled and looked over the large pile of toys, with my kids showing her everything. I usually only see that glow on people’s faces at Christmas time.

It was nice to give back to others in their time of need. My friend was right before. Giving is a blessing for the giver as well as the receiver. Maybe even more so.

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The Power of Prayer

I’ll pray for you,” a friend says after she heard about a recent misfortune. People say that so many times it’s almost become a common courtesy.

 But what does it mean?

For some people it means, “You’re in my thoughts.”

For others it means, “I hope your situation gets better.”

But the best meaning, the one I hope most of us mean, is quite literal.  “I’ll take your concerns to God in my prayers and ask Him to help you.”

I never thought about this until tonight. My daughter, whom many of you may know by now had a liver disease and liver transplant, gets hit hard with the cold and flu season.

Tonight the worst for her were the stomach cramps. She tried to get some rest. It worked for a while, but it always came back – usually waking her from her much needed rest.

As her mother it was painful to watch. What could I do for her? Tylenol? No. She was afraid it would make her sick again. A drink? A medication? How could I make it stop?

My husband, who knew I was sick too, told me he’d take care of her and get some rest.  But how? Her cries can pierce my dreams.

As I sat in bed, I realized there was one thing I didn’t do. Prayer. I talk to God every night before I go to sleep. Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

“Dear God,” I said. “Please relieve her of her agony. She needs her rest. Please help her.”

Like an instant miracle, I hadn’t heard her cries after that. She even was well enough to go to school today.  

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