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For months I’ve been putting posts up about people doing good things for others: giving to the needy, sharing what we have, helping others in a time of need, showing kindness to others.  It would only seem appropriate to blog about the ultimate good deed — Jesus giving his life for us.

He was willing to die on a cross to save us from our sins when He was free from any wrongdoing. Though he was God’s son, he had to have been frightened – or at least nervous about what was going to happen. He surely could have escaped at any moment, but chose not to. He instead made himself a servant. He endured the taunting, the thorns, the lashes and the crucifixion. The best part, of course, is His conquer over death – for He had risen from the dead on Easter Sunday!

Why would He endure so much for sinners – who have sinned in the past and would sin again? He did it out of love. Though we’re sinners, he wanted us to share in His inheritance of life in Heaven. So He gave up everything he had — including His life here on Earth.

As a people, we are still (and should be) touched by what He did for us.  We could never repay Him for His sacrifices. However, we can show our gratitude by treating others with love and kindness. If you look closely, you might even see Him in the compassion of others.

So during this season, we are reminded of God’s kindness and generosity. He gave his life for us. He had done the ultimate good deed.

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 When Cassie Healy created her necklaces at age five, nobody expected she’d be helping wishes come true. Her crafts of string and colorful buttons started out as a gift for her mom, Kathleen Healy, “because I thought it would look pretty,” says Cassie. Kathleen, a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, took Cassie’s necklace to work. Other nurses liked them and offered to buy some. “My co-workers started asking for the jewelry almost right away,” says Kathleen, “and so it began.”  Cassie’s project, “Buttons for Wishes” was born. Cassie jumped at the chance to make more necklaces since she loves to do crafts. She offered choices of bright, pastel, or vintage. “Bright is my favorite because you can see it the most,” says Cassie.  
           When Cassie collected $500, Kathleen asked her what she wanted to do with the money. Cassie insisted on donating it to the MakeA-Wish Foundation.I put the money in my Make-A-Wish box,” Cassie says. Kathleen adds, “because of my job, she has been more exposed to children with serious illnesses.”
      Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of seriously sick children age 2 to 18. “It’s rare . . . to get support from a young child who wants to help . . . by fund-raising,” says Rebecca Reid, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 
           The children who Make-A-Wish helps are often in a hospital instead of at the playground. Through Make-A-Wish, the children receive an experience they’ll remember forever. When asked why she wanted to give all her money to the foundation, Cassie simply said, “So sick kids can get happy.”   
                      Cassie’s Kindness Catches On
             Generosity is contagious when you’re around Cassie. Word spread that she was selling the jewelry for Make-A-Wish. “The response was overwhelming,” says Kathleen. Last year, Cassie’s kindergarten class spent schooldays putting together the necklaces and donated money for more supplies. Even some local businesses showed interest in Buttons for Wishes.” 
             When Cassie finished her project, she had raised more than $1,000. Because of Cassie’s selflessness, she helped grant a wish and make someone “get happy.”                



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